Expert Tips To Draft A Book Review Essay

Most of the teachers love this exercise to assign students with writing book reviews. Students don’t find it exciting to read the book then to summarize it in their own words. If you’re confused that either the book review is an essay or not then let an essay writer to answer you that. But, of course, its a part of studies and helpful for future learning as well. 

If you’re given this assignment of writing a book review for the first time then its obvious to get confused or blank. Writing a review is not difficult but it has some proper rules and formats that should be followed. 

What students do when they get assignments? They directly go online and search write my essay on book reviews to find help, sample papers, or sometimes they try to find the pre-written papers. Well, pre-written papers is not a good idea at all.

But there is nothing to be upset about. If you can not prepare your assignment by yourself then you have another option as well. It will lead to the first position in your class. 

If you’re willing to do your assignment by yourself and want to learn how to write the review of a book then stay on this page. That is to hire professional essay writing service. They work with a team of professional writers and proofreaders who create genuine content for you. The most obvious thing that you need to do is “Read the Book” thoroughly. After completing your reading process go down and follow the structure of the review. There are just seven points that you need to mention in your essay review. 


It tells the reader about your idea, topic, point of view, and a brief description that they need to know about the particular topic. You’ve learned so far that all the academic writing s start with the introduction. Write about the basic problem that was discussed in the book. You should open up the idea in a general way and try to write it in easy and simple sentences.

Synopsis Of Argument

Write a concise review that exactly states the argument that was discussed in the book. Try to quote the distinguishable thesis statement that is mentioned in the book. Your summary should be able to grab the attention of your audience. 

With Reference To The Author

The author is, of course, the most important person and he owns the content given in the book. An author can be an individual person or more than one. Who they are? Why they are famous or renowned for? What specific qualities and proficiencies they have brought to the particular field? How this work could fit into the vast perspective? You should add some basic information in your write my essay task.

Outline Of Contents

A moderate throughout indicator of the research patterns and the span of the strong material enfolded in the book should be added.


Highlight the most specific area of the book which you think is the greatest addition to the specific subject or field. 


Mention the point where you feel that it could be done in a better way. Well, this may be that point which you believe that the author has neglected or maybe you find it incorrect. 


At the end of the review, you should write about your point of view while summarising the whole content. You may also mention the domain of audiences that should read that book for their research or essays. 

Writing a book review is a skill that enhances with time and experience. So, don’t panic and try to write reviews of the academic pieces of paper to master this skill. Yes, in this case, the review of a book is written in the form of a short college essay.